About Me

I am an artist trying to make a little extra while studying full-time in college. I want to be able to make somewhat of a name for myself early on so that when I'm out of education, there is an option to make something like this what I do full-time because I adore doing it. I'm constantly looking to improve, and this allows me to have a means to keep doing that :)

Have some pieces I am especially proud of right now. HINT - Click them to view a bigger image.

I take PayPal AND cashapp :).

Please understand I am NOT a 'refined' artist. My lined pieces are neat 'sketchy' lines and will not be absolutely perfect like others. If you're looking for that type of artwork, there are plenty of other artists that do that kind of art! I encourage you to go find someone who can fit your vision :)

Commissions will be charged per character. These are base prices, additions such as wings (etc) may add extra costs depending on complexity. Please send an inquiry to get an estimated price if you aren't sure.

All prices listed are in GBP. If you want to know how much the prices are in your own currency, please either use this conversion tool (paypal specific) or find your own.

Don't know what some of these terms mean? (Sketch, Lined, Flat, Etc) Check the TOS (terms of service) page as these terms (and what you receive!) are explained on this page and laid out clearly for everyone.


Sketch: £10
Lined: £15
Flat: £20


Sketch: £15
Lined: £20
Flat: £25


Sketch: £20
Lined: £25
Flat: £30


I don't offer any option for complex/scenery backgrounds at the moment as I'm not confident enough in that area. However, simple backgrounds are free, you just need to request one upon commission. Simple backgrounds can also include patterns, or partial-backgrounds: examples coming soon.

Terms of Service

This TOS is subject to changes at any time without notice. Please read in full before you order a commission to understand what I will/won't do, and what you can/can't do with your commission piece.

Specific words I use on my Prices page are also explained here.

Humanoid charactersFlat-faced anthrosFantasyMonsters - to an extent.Horror/goreSFW poses

Muzzled anthrosNSFW art of any kindDiscriminatory pieces (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc)Complex backgroundsVehicles


Payments & Refunds
I only accept GBP via PayPal OR CashApp. Payments are required in full up front and once paid, will be started. Any commissions that aren't paid for within a week of the invoice being sent will be cancelled.

Once the initial sketch has been approved, full-refunds are no longer available. If you would like a refund after that point, you'll receive a partial refund (full amount - stage = refund). If you forcefully chargeback through PayPal you will be blacklisted from purchasing/commissioning me again.

Pieces should be completed within 2-3 weeks from the date of commission depending how much was commissioned. Several pieces may take slightly longer, but if it won't happen I will let you know that it's going to take longer. If a commission is needed by a certain date (depending on when it's needed) I may be able to offer to rush the commission for a small additional fee.

Commission Orders
Commissions are completed in the order of payment: however commissions which have a rush fee paid take priority to be completed within the asked date.

Asking politely about your commission is welcomed! However any harassment will not be tolerated and will result in the commission being cancelled, a refund issued (refund TOS still applies) and you being blacklisted from commissioning me again.

There is also a trello where you can keep up with your commission manually without sending me a message. :)

Rejected Commissions
I have the right to reject any commission inquiries without any explanation owed. I also have the right to terminate and refund a commission for any reason.

Your Responsibility
It is your responsibility to provide me with accurate reference for both your character and poses. If I am not provided with a pose, I'll have to determine one based off of either their appearance or the little I might know of how the character acts.

It is also your responsibility to retain your copy of your commission. In the event that you no longer have it - and I don't either - I do not have to and will not replace it. I will also not provide a copy of the artwork if it is given to somebody else (i.e in a character trade)

Process and Language

My sketch option refers to a messy base design of a character, uncoloured often with thicker sketch lines.

Sketch commissions don't have any approval stages. The sketch, once done, will be sent as it is and you may request changes from there. Any changes are free, one entire redo (scrap the sketch and redo it) is free. Any redos after that may cost an additional fee.

Lined Pieces
My lined pieces are not perfect lineart. They are extremely refined sketches with thinner brush strokes and a single base colour applied to the character.
Lined pieces have an approval stage at the sketch. Changes/Redos can only be done during the sketching phase (fees detailed in the sketching process apply). Minor adjustments may be available depending on what it is. After being approved you will then receive the lined piece filled in with a colour of choice (best selected in combination with the background).

Flat Pieces
Flat pieces are lined pieces only with accurate colours and minimal shading.
Flat pieces have an approval stage at both the sketch and the line phases. Changes/Redos can only be done at the sketching phase, and minor adjustments may be available on the line phase depending what is wanted changed. When you receive the final piece, any colour adjustments are free.

Twitch and YouTube
I usually stream a lot of my art pieces on twitch, as well as record them for YouTube speedpaints. If you would like me not to, there is options on my commission form to revoke consent so I will not stream or record your pieces. Regarding birthday pieces, gifts, etc, if there is a specified date (or you have noted that it is for a gift), I will not stream the piece, but if consent is given, I may record the process and just not post it until after the given date.


My Usage
I retain all rights to the original image. This means that I can use it to promote myself, my work, and am allow to display it publicly.

My Signature
My signature should not be removed under any circumstances. If it is found that you have purposefully removed my signature (including cropping it so it's out of view) then you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again.

My work should be used as given. No edits should be made unless you have explicit, written permission from myself.

A buyer should NOT be making any profit from my work in any form. If you'd like to inquire about a piece that can be used for commercial purposes (merchandise, prints, etc), you must procure the rights to do so by paying an agreed upon licensing fee.

Commission me!

To commission me, please fill in this form. You will receive a response through your specified preferred contact method within 24-48 hours of filling it out where we can discuss further details of the piece you would like, if you haven't gotten in contact with me already.